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Providing innovative solutions,

Accelerate your business

​AderansBio develops OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) as a professional group that fulfills the needs of our customers, utilizes the Aderans Group's global network, strives to collect information on new technologies, and tries our best to provide an innovation that only we can do with our unique solution. The biggest feature is the business development that thinks about the products that do not depend too much on the trend and aim its realization. Our staff who are skilled in all manufacturing processes from materials to manufacturing methods and market trends could accelerate our business from the same perspective as our customers.



Based on the customer's business plan and ideas, we will add our knowledge and technology, and proceed with the planning of original products based on market research and market trends. We will support the inspection and certification acquisition of the developed and manufactured products, and provide comprehensive support for the entire process from commercialization to sales if requested.

① Market research

​② Planning

​③ Development / manufacturing

​④ Inspection / certification

⑤ Commercialization

⑥ Packing and delivery

⑦ Sales

⑧ Verification / improvement


Our OEM develops and manufactures photocatalytic solvents in order to respond to customer requests such as "more transparent solution" and "Adding OOO to titanium oxide".

We are working on the development and manufacture of the optimum original solvent by adjusting the color density and the ingredients for customization.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests or consults regardless of their quantities, price, etc.

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