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For the future of the earth-

That is the origin of our manufacturing

​Saga Prefecture is bordered by the vast land, the Genkai Sea, and the Ariake Sea. Our development and manufacturing base is here. As local industries and traditional crafts in each region decline, there are things we can do with little effort. Aiming for revitalization of this region and eventually for true regional revitalization.

Factory appearance

​It is a two-story building that is both for the head office and factory. There are many parking spaces available on the premises.


Facilities and equipment

​We have the facilities and equipment necessary for the development and manufacture of various products, including the original photocatalytic solvent.


​In addition to the equipment and functions of a manufacturing factory, we have set up a drawing room, meeting room, training room, etc. for inspections and meetings with our business partners.

Meeting/Training room

Spray test room

​We have various facilities for simple product testing, such as a room dedicated to spraying developed solvents.


Cross coater machine

Our original​ We have developed a coating machine exclusively for wallpaper and cloth to automate the spraying process.




Factory location

​〒849-0933  7-40 Oroshihonmachi, Saga City, Saga Prefecture

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